An ex-colleague of mine posed the following question on Facebook. I couldn’t see anything on Nadya’s blog (which is always my first stop for cosmetic advice) so I thought I’d impart some of my own experience:

‘Has anyone had lash extensions? Need some advice! Are they hard to keep up? Do they pull your lashes out with them? Got an appointment to have some but heard a few horror stories. xx’

Well Chicken, I generally apply fake lashes on cold days and primarily use them to wipe the condensation from the inside of my spectacles. And for Sydney Mardi Gras. You must be particularly careful with the bonding agent or else you’ll be prying your glued eyelids apart with a horn-handled rococo letter opener like my friend Boris in Mykonos last July, hence the hastily assembled pirate outfit at Brighton Pride & (No) Prejudice.
Your natural lashes should remain intact if you use a quality remover, gently applied with cotton swabs, and don’t get them caught whilst ripping off your gold feather headdress in a fit of passion atop a giant wedding cake. (Hurt like hell! I screamed, fainted, and tumbled from the cavalcade, and if it weren’t for the lightning reactions of a lantern-jawed, 6ft Bo Peep I would have been crushed beneath the tracks of a fuchsia-painted Challenger tank.) It took me two months to grow my lashes back!

For the budget conscious, a similar effect can be achieved by blackening the bristles of an old toothbrush with a burnt cork (preferably not the toothbrush you clean your red patent size 44 stilettos with) and affixing them with a homemade corn-syrup glue.

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One Response to Lashes

  1. nadya says:

    I haven’t tried lash extensions but I have tried fake lashes which are no good as you’d have to put them on every morning. I’ve heard lash extensions look great but are not worth their exorbitant cost (think I read somewhere that they cost a couple of hundred quid) as you have to keep getting them replaced as your own lashes tend to fall out quite frequently. I thik the best solution to eyelash stubbyness is Latisse – a glaucoma treatment that has the double effect of giving you long luscious lashes. Apparently totally safe. Seriously.

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